Managed Next Generation Firewall

Protecting critical network communication with advanced firewall appliances

The risk against IT systems posed by cyber attackers is growing. Irrespective of what any vendor will claim, there is no single ‘magic bullet’ that will stop every type of external or insider threat. Security requires many layers of technological systems backed up by secure process and ongoing vigilance to adequately defend against attacks and respond effectively in negating any breaches. This continual process requires skilled staff and continual investment in technology which often starts with Firewall systems designed to help build and maintain secure access controls and network communication.

Managed Next Generation Firewall

Xitenys “Managed Next Generation Firewall” provides a fully managed service to enhance network reliability, security and uptime and includes integrated WAN optimization and dedicated centralised management of appliances to ensure system availability while simplifying administrative tasks and reducing operational cost.

Key solution advantages:

  • Advanced Threat Protection featuring dynamic analysis of malware programs and documents with embedded exploits with continual updates to detect emerging threats
  • Firewall Application Control including granular application enforcement with interception of SSL/TLS encryption layers to provide deep visibility and policy enforcement
  • User Identity Awareness for authentication of users and enforcement of user-aware firewall rules
  • Comprehensive Traffic Optimization with intelligent traffic regulation and tightly integrated Quality of Service (QoS) that includes link balancing capabilities for low bandwidth connections
  • On-demand reporting with comprehensive threat notifications to meet exacting service level agreements