Data Backup and Recovery

Protecting mission critical application and data for business continuity

Organisations are consuming and generating more data than at any point in history. As the lifeblood of trade and service delivery, data repositories now span on-premises, virtual, cloud-hosted, and SaaS environments and must all be protected against cyber-attack and loss. However, multiple backup technologies can lead to complex management hurdles and make restoration of data a major problem in the event of critical failure or disruption.

Data Backup and Recovery solutions

Xitenys Data Backup and Recovery solutions are designed to consolidate multiple backup and recovery operations into a unified entity that can span applications, servers and user data across every internal and external platform. Through a combination of local appliances, private and public cloud technologies, Xitenys helps organisations build highly automated and reliable data protection solutions that are simple to manage and effective across a wide range of budgets and operational requirements.

Key solution advantages:

  • Integrated solution that can scale from single instances to multiple sites and tens of thousands of users
  • Single management console for on-premise and cloud data across both physical and virtual infrastructure
  • Multiple deployment options with granular levels of security including encryption of data in transit and at rest
  • Data backup to secure cloud or private location with testable restoration process to continual assure the highest levels of business continuity