Message Archiver

Seamless and secure access to all your email and messages from anywhere

Efficient and secure communication and collaboration is vital for every successful organisation. However, the growing number of platforms from email through instant messaging along with supporting shared documents poses a significant risk for regulatory compliance. In addition, as teams become more flexible in how they work together, the ability to collate and share messages and documents becomes more challenging as the need for ease of access competes against security and corporate access policies.

Message Archiver Solutions

Xitenys message archiver solutions are designed to streamline your email and other related documentation storage requirements to easily meet regulatory requirements while simplifying e-discovery requests. Using a secure private cloud and local integration expertise, the service provides instant, anytime access to archived messages on any device within a policy driven platform to meet a flexible range of data retention guidelines.

Key solution advantages:

  • Flexible deployment supporting all standards-based on-premise, hosted and gcloud services including Office 365, Outlook, Gmail and others
  • Full journal capture to secure an accurate and unmodified copy of each message within a tamper-proof repository for any duration
  • Historical search and import capability across multiple devices and message platforms offering a unified message view
  • Support for instant-message and other non-email data including appointments, contacts, tasks and notes as part of a comprehensive archive data set