Next Generation Security and Data Management Solutions

Our approach of doing business and building longstanding relationships is key the success of the business.

Who Is Xitenys?

Xitenys is an independent provider of next generation security and data management solutions combined with managed services serving both private and public sector clients across the UK.

What we do

Our approach is built around best of breed and emerging disruptive technologies that provide innovative Security and Data Management solutions combined with managed and professional services to enable our clients to best protect their networks and critical data.

The heart of our ethos is to build a sustainable business through longstanding and mutually beneficial relationships.

Managed Services

Xitenys Managed Services reduce the cost and complexity of deploying and running a wide range of critical IT applications while increasing reliability and resiliency.

Data Management

Xitenys Data Management Solutions provide a secure and scalable approach to storing, retrieving and managing critical business data from the individual user to the largest data centre.

Security Solutions

Xitenys Security Solutions offers a multi-layered approach to address a broad range of threats faced by modern organisations.

Our strategic partners

See below some of our strategic partners we work with.

Can we help you?

To find out more about how our Managed Services, or Solutions and how they can help your organisation to reduce cost and complexity while strengthening your security and business continuity position, please get in touch today.