Managed Email

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Managed Email

Ensuring reliability, security and compliance for critical electronic communication

Each day, over 200 billion emails are sent across the globe providing the foundation for modern business communication. However, ensuring reliable, secure and regulatory compliance for email systems is a major challenge for organisations across all industries.

Building a dependable email platform that is able to scale to meet demand while maintaining both secure connectivity and archive capability requires significant capital investment plus ongoing management expertise to ensure longer term compliance with data retention and privacy laws.

Essentials for Email Security

Xitenys “Essentials for Email Security” enhanced security and data Protection for email with scalable archiving and backup for business continuity and regulatory compliance. With no capital expenditure on additional hardware or software, the service delivers cloud-based advanced targeted attack protection, email continuity, encryption and data leakage protection.

Delivered as a managed service with optional policy and admin training support, “Essentials for Email Security” reduces the cost and complexity of ensuring that email is ready to serve the business requirement.

Key solution advantages:

  • Advanced Threat Protection including email encryption, data loss prevention and real-time detection for dynamic risk analysis with 24×7 updates and support
  • Archiving for compliance directly from Exchange and cloud based email services like Google Apps to cloud-based archive with granular retention policies including full text search from multiple operators
  • Business continuity with failover to cloud-based email service to continue operations for up to 96 hours with emergency mailbox allowing users to securely send, receive, and respond to email
  • Secure Cloud Data Centres rated to SSAE 16 or SOC audited status with full AES 256-bit encryption at rest and in transit and redundant storage including geographic and within each colocation facility

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