Managed Sentinel

Artificial Intelligence for Real-Time Spear Phishing and Cyber Fraud Defence these personalised attacks in real time, with zero impact on network performance.

Domain Fraud Visibility and Protection

Barracuda Sentinel helps you protect your organisation from domain spoofing and brand hijacking.

Barracuda Sentinel offers an intuitive wizard to help easily set up DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting & Conformance) authentication. DMARC is a protocol that allows you to monitor emails sent from your domain. Once DMARC is properly configured, Barracuda Sentinel offers granular visibility and analysis of DMARC reports to help ensure deliverability of legitimate email traffic and prevent unauthorised activity such as spoofed emails.

Simulated Fraud Training for High-Risk Individuals

The personal nature of spear phishing attacks means that everyone is a target. Not just large enterprises; not just the C-suite. Attackers are more frequently targeting lower-level employees who might have access to sensitive information or who might have the ability to authorise or send payments.

Barracuda Sentinel utilises artificial intelligence to identify high- risk individuals within an organisation. Customers receive access to a set of tools to then periodically conduct simulated spear phishing attacks to test the security awareness of those businesses.

Real-Time Spear Phishing and Cyber Fraud Defence

At the heart of Barracuda Sentinel is the AI engine that detects and blocks spear phishing attacks in real time and identifies the employees inside an organisation who are at the highest risk of spear phishing.

Barracuda Sentinel uses AI to learn each of your organisations unique communications patterns. The engine analyses multiple classifiers to map the social networks of every individual inside the company and identifies anomalous signals in message metadata and content.

Barracuda Sentinel combines this messaging intelligence to determine with a high degree of accuracy whether a certain email is part of a spear phishing attack. If so, Barracuda Sentinel quarantines the attacks in real time and alerts the user.

Key Solution Advantages

  • Domain fraud protection using DMARC authentication
  • Fraud simulation training for high-risk individuals
  • Works alongside any email security solution, including Barracuda Essentials and Exchange Online Protection
  • API architecture – easy set-up, zero impact on network performance

Solution Features

AI for Real-Time Protection

  • Stops spear phishing attacks in real time
  • Uses artificial intelligence to learn each of your customer’s unique communications patterns – Maps social networks inside the organisation to understand typical communications patterns – Identifies anomalies in metadata and content
  • Real-time notification – Quarantines messages automatically– Alerts users
  • Comprehensive protection against personalised attacks, commonly known as spear phishing, business email compromise (BEC), whaling, impersonation attempts, and/or CEO fraud

Domain Fraud Protection

  • DMARC authentication and analysis to prevent: – Brand hijacking – Domain spoofing
  • Intuitive wizard to help set up DMARC authentication
  • Analysis of DMARC reports to understand who is sending mail from each domain
  • Ensure deliverability of legitimate messages
  • Actionable step-by-step insights to comply with DMARC

Fraud Simulation Training

  • Identify high-risk individuals inside organisations using artificial intelligence
  • Test and improve security awareness using simulated spear phishing attacks

Deployment and Availability

Available to Microsoft Office 365 Users Worldwide

100% Cloud Delivered

  • No hardware or software required to install or maintain

Works Alongside Any Email Security Solution

  • Barracuda Essentials – email security, archiving, and backup for Office 365
  • Barracuda Email Security Gateway
  • Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP)
  • Others

API-based Architecture

  • Direct connectivity to Office 365
  • Zero impact on network performance or user experience
  • Fast, easy setup (less than 5 minutes)
  • Cross communications platform defence
  • Easily extend beyond email to other communications platforms like G-Suite, Slack, Skype, or others