Security Solutions

Next Generation Security And Data Management Solutions

Security Solutions

Xitenys Security Solutions offers a multi-layered approach to address a broad range of threats faced by modern organisations. Our independent, multi-vendor methodology allows us to use a wide range of best of breed technologies backed by expert teams with a depth of experience in designing, deploying and supporting security systems and processes that help to reduce risk.

Xitenys Security Solutions use a mix of on-premise hardware, SaaS and cloud based technologies that can adapt to both physical and virtualised environments and are backed up with a range of service options to ensure that security meets the challenges of a rapidly changing threat landscape while meeting evolving regulatory and industry best practice guidelines.

Secure Web Gateway

Reducing the risk of internet based cyber-attack and data leakage

Secure Email Gateway

Protecting email platforms against a range of internet threats

Secure Software Defined Wide Area Network

Improving WAN reliability and performance while reducing operational costs

Next Generation Firewalls

Protecting applications, networks and users from advanced threats while improving control

Network Access Control

Securing access and control of every device attached to the network

End Point Security

Protecting vulnerable devices with highly automated and effective security

Security Information & Event Management

Enhancing the effectiveness of multiple security platforms while streamlining management and response

Cloud Access Security Broker

Securing cloud and hybrid environments with granular policy based controls

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