Managed PhishLine

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Managed PhishLine

Real-World Phishing Simulation and Security Awareness Training.

Why Barracuda Phishline

Security Awareness Training — PhishLine’s real-world multi- variable testing creates mock-phishing campaigns that teach your customers’ users to recognise the threat, not a template. The interactive campaigns use a mix of links, Smart Attachments, videos, graphics, and training materials to create impactful educational experiences.

Robust Reporting — Get regular insight into who’s clicking on what, which will help you identify the levels of risk within your organisation.

What’s Included

An experienced team of technical professionals will provide campaign creation, oversight, and reporting, including:

  • Monthly campaigns created and managed by a dedicated consultant
  • A mix of phishing simulation emails and interactive training
  • Regular reports, branded with your logo, that you can share
  • Access to dedicated phone support questions or updates
Why Managed PhishLine

Easily provide enhanced security awareness training to your users without added work for your technicians

Maximise the value of the service while saving time

Deliver regular reports that highlight the value and effectiveness of security awareness training

What to Expect

Our team will:

  • Create and execute monthly phishing or security awareness campaigns
  • Provide regular activity reports

Can we help you?

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